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Homes of Atlanta offers renovation services to completely redesign an existing home or to simply add an additional room or basement.  Some home owners may love their current property or neighborhood where their existing home is located. For these folks, we can work from the existing home and create a custom design from the ground up or utilize as much or as little of the existing home'sstructure as possible in order to create a brand new home.  Pricing for a Homes of Atlanta renovation is dependent upon the extent of the renovations and will require an on-site evaluation of the home to be renovated.  See the difference a renovation can make to a home with the below 'before and after' photos of an actual Homes of Atlanta renovation project.

Before - This is the exterior appearance of a home prior to a Homes of Atlanta renovation.




After - These are the exterior and interior appearances of the same home after the Homes of Atlanta renovations have been completed.






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